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• Burner no. 2942: Burner neck tube provides broad powerful blow lamp flame for outdoor soldering
• Burner no. 5: Burner neck tube these are commonly used for a longer and more powerful blow lamp flame. These are ideal for straightening and bending plates, pipes and bars, pre heating in welding and large brazing jobs etc.
• Burner no. 6: Burner neck tube it offers a powerful flame with a large heating content, for piping and sheet metal work requiring a great deal of heat for drying molds, thawing jobs, asphalt work and for metal melting.
• Hand torch: Hand torch regular torch that is made with bake lite. Handle with grip so it that can hold torch for long period without tiring or burning hands. Straight needle valve and brass knob to control the flame of the burner, suitable for long flame burner, specially for heating, melting, soldering purpose.