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  • Pressure Gauge Dial 4″ 3/8″ BSP bottom

  • LOT ADAPTOR in Forged Brass size : 3/8″ F

  • There are individual fittings for fixing on M.S. pipeline for obtaining different types of outlets and are used to connect valves regulators and any other fittings on to the pipeline.

  • Automatic Electronic Changeover for switching from one bank to another with Low & High Pressure

  • ? Ideal for use in Laboratories ? Educational Research and Pathological Laboratories.
    ? Most suitable to keep liquids boiling in urns, kettles etc.
    ? Flame can be controlled by a tap installed in the line or installed on the burner.
    ? Heavy metal base prevents toppling.
    ? Brass burner tube warrants long life. Also available in stainless steel tube and base.
    ? Attractive electroplated finish prevents corrosion due to fumes.
    ? Available in two sizes

  • Available in sizes
    3/8? x nozzle or 1/8? x nozzle.

  • There are individual fittings for fixing on M.S. pipeline for obtaining different types of outlets and are used to connect valves regulators and any other fittings on to the pipeline.

    #300 Class 50NB/40NB/25NB

  • Electric CO2 230V Heater



    ERG-S Series pressure regulator which can be used on gas lines to reduce inlet pressure to desired outlet pressure. Outlet pressure is adjustable with using range of different springs. Maximum allowed inlet pressure is 6 Bar. Capacity is vary between 6 SCMH to 50 SCMH.

    ERG-S series regulators can be manufactured with exceed flow safety system for pipeline breakdowns. The tolerance is between maximum flow rate?s l to 0. For example if the regulator capacity is 10 m3/h, exceed flow safety system wilt be activated and cut the gas distribution when the flow rate is between 10.1 m/ to 15 ms/h.

    ERG-S series regulators can be manufactured with relief valve. It can also be manufactured with minimum and/or maximum pressure slam shut mechanism. If the outlet pressure drops or increase beyond limitation, regulator sense the pressure and it activates slam shut. It can be manufactured with different filter. Outlet pressure and slam shut sense pressures are adjustabLe within spring load rate. ERG-S series reguLator can be manufactured one or all of these safety systems as a choice for customers.

    ? Accuracy CLass: AC1O
    ? Lock up Pressure Class: SG2O
    ? Relief Valve ToLerance: ?%1 O
    ? Exceed Flow Safety Valve: Over flow (between capacity?s1 to0)
    ? OPSO Range: 30-450 ?%l0
    ? UPSO Range: 5-30?%l0
    ? OutLet Pressure Range: 8 up to 450 mbar
    ? InLet Pressure Range: 0.5 to 6 bar.
    ? Connection: Inlet V2?, ??, 1? ? Outlet 1?, 1??, 1 Y2? female tosse nut
    ? Ambient Temperature: -20 ?C 60 ?C
    ? Usage: Gas pipeline networks, service boxes.
    ? Fluids: Non-aggressive Gasses

    Approved from EN 88-2 EN 13611 and TS 10624 standards

    ? Valve Body and Cover: Die cast aluminum or zinc.
    ? Diaphragm/Sealing Seat: H-NBR
    ? Other Metal ?nternat Parts: Aluminum and brass
    ? Other Plastic jnternaL Parts: POM ? NyLon 6

  • (Main Cylinder Valve)
    Used on cylinder manifold to control (shut off or open one side of cylinder bank)
    Inlet ? ?? NGT and Outlet ? MECV

  • SS Mesh type MS Seamless body / SS Seamless body.
    Available in ??, ??, 1?, 1??, 2? BSPF or ASA 150 Flanged
    Make : VEL

    Material of construction : SS/MS seamless confirming to IS specifications
    Suitable for LPG/NG/O2/N2
    End connection suitable to BSPF or ASA 150 flanged end
    Only for prevention of flashback, not suitable as non return valve design : 5/7 layers of SS mesh

    ?Varieties of non-corrosive materials to select from
    ?All materials confirm to IS specifications
    ?Materials compatible to fluids
    ?All materials environment friendly

    Standard in 3/8? BSP LHF/LHM and RHM/RHF
    ?Wide range of external, internal as well combination of threads, for industrial & domestic usage
    ?Available in 2 models – 20 bar & 200 bar test pressure.

    avaialble size : 1″ Flgd 150 class / 1 1/2″ Flgd 150 class

  • Most gas tragedies happen in the night, while you are in deep sleep.The thermostat in your fridge or simply switching on the light for a glass of water can trigger off an explosion. Therefore, GAS GUARD is a must for every household.

    GAS GUARD, a simple electronic device for early warning of cooking gas leaks. This microprocessor based, low priced, wall mounted device is specially designed for domestic application and can be fitted anywhere near the source of gas. It has a very sensitive sensor. Moment the gas is detected a loud alarm is triggered on till the gas
    level is below the safety level.

    ? Simple operation and easy maintenance with inbuilt system check
    ? Gases detected – LPG, CNG and other Flammable Hydrocarbons
    ? Excellent selectivity against other gases to avert false alarms.
    ? Detection Method – Calorimetric
    ? Unaffected by change in humidity up to 90% Rh (Relative Humidity).
    ? Response time is less than 10 sec. One minute initial warm up delay.
    ? Long Sensor Life
    ? Visible and audible alarm. Buzzer sound level – 90db at 30cm.
    ? Safe Alarm Point – 10% LEL* of Methane i.e. 1500 ppm.
    ? AUX. output for external buzzer
    ? Alarm Mode – Latched or Unlatched (by default Latched)
    ? Works on 230V AC, 50Hz. GAS GUARD has inbuilt power regulator
    ? Model working on 12-volt battery is also available.
    ? Size : L=95mm, H=180mm, D=38mm

    GAS GUARD can operate even at very low concentration of the explosive LPG / Natural Gas. Alarm can be adjusted for desired concentration level. Strong R&D team works continuously towards innovation and up-gradation of the product.

    Gas Guard – a quality product tested for its highest standards can help avert / minimize such loss of life and save wealth of the nation.
    *Lower Explosive Limit

  • A gas train consist of Filter, Slam-shut off valve, pressure regulator, safety relief valve & flame arrester. Filter helps to remove the dust/dirt particles in the gas which may damage the regulator parts. The slam-shut off valve normally remains open. Incase the outlet pressure of the regulator exceeds the permissible limits, the slam-shutoff valve senses it through the impulse line & instantly shuts off the supply to the downstream
    system. The safety relief valve?s provided for additional safety. It is to be set at higher pressure than the slam-shut off valve pressure so that the safety relief valve will operate only when slam-shut off valve fails to
    operate. The outlet of the safety relief valve is vented well above the root through the flame arrester.

    Value Added Products
    Gas trains form a essential part of any industry using Inflammable Gases like LPG, Propane, Natural Gas etc. for its combustion equipment.

    These gases are fast replacing the conventional Oil fired equipment in India and other upcoming Asian countries due to their eco-friendly and efficient burning characteristics. However use of these gases, unless exercised with due care on safety, could lead to accidents causing severe damage to plant and personnel.

    Gas trains are pre-piped trains combining various safety and monitoring instruments like shutoff valves, pressure regulators, relief valves, pressure switches, vent valves, pressure gauges etc.

    Through a simple looking equipment, an incorrectly designed gas train often creates performance related problems due to improper sizing and selection of components. Such incorrectly sized gas trains often lead to
    inefficient combustion process, nuisance shutdowns and most importantly unsafe operation.

    We manufacture Customised Prepiped Gas Trains at our Pune (India) factory to suit the customer?s requirements after carefully studying the requirements of the combustion process at customer?s plant. These
    trains are manufactured as per the guidelines in the stringent standards of safety laid down by European and North American countries.

    The selection of each and every component and designing of train is done by our designing department. Due care is taken while manufacturing, to ensure total safety of the equipment. Necessary allowances for pressure losses are computed in order to achieve the desired flow of the fuel gas at adequate pressure at the outlet of the train.

    ? Available in ?? to 4? line sizes to handle high volumes of fuel gases
    ? Designed in line with NFPA 86 guidelines for single / multi burner installation
    ? Prepiped and mounted on a fabricated skid. Easy installation. User?s job is limited to connecting the burners to the end connections of the gas train
    ? Trains components like solenoid valves, filters, regulators, pressure switches available in screwed or flanged end connection
    ? All the safety components confirm to the most stringent global directives to gas and electrical equipment
    ? Components available in 24 / 110 / 220 VAC power supply
    ? Normally piped in Sch.40 MS pipe (Seamless piping for critical pressure