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  • Delux Gas (Propane or Butane) Torches in compliance with regulations ISO EN 9012

    Instructions for correct use
    Use exclusively in open air
    Please make sure that flexible hose has been correctly connected rigourously in order before to the welding torch and then to gas cylinder

    1. Close both small tap and black knob clockwise?
    2. Open the main tap of the gas cylinder?
    3. Regulate Gas Pressure through the valve placed on the gas regulator (if provided)?
    4. Push button located on security valve (if supplied) until the hose is totally fulfilled with gas?
    5. Slightly open the black torch knob?
    6. Ignite the torch. Regulate the brass knob to obtain desired pilot flame.
    7. Pull the lever to get maximum output (the black knob controls the lever gas flow)?
    8. In case of wind or inclement weather conditions, increase the pilot flame by turning anticlockwise the small brass knob

    Turn Off
    1. Close the main tap on the gas cylinder
    2.Consume all the residual gas in the rubber hose
    3. Close the torch taps and knobs

    Safety Devices:
    1. An excess flow security valve is placed on the regulator for immediate stop of gas flow in case of rubber hose damage or sudden pressure change due to external causes?
    2. A torch stand is provided as standard equipment in order to lay the torchwhen in use. This allows the torch to rest in a upright position onto the floor.

  • Complete Torch Kits

    •A professional and powerful torch kit, ideal for soft soldering, brazing, melting, metal works, paint stripping and other heating jobs includes handle 3486, neck tube 351101 burner 294102 and 2 m fixed hose

    Propane Hoses
    • Diameter 5 mm and 8 mm • EN 559 / ISO 3821
    • Fixed connection type • BSP 3/8 LH connection

  • Universal Torch System For Brazing, Soldering And Cable Works

    • Plastic composite handle reinforced with 30% glass fibres for maximum durability
    • Double moulded soft grip for highest comfort and use ability
    • Piezo ignition with instant trigger on/off function
    • Bayonet fitting for burners
    • Swivelling hose connection to avoid hose drag
    • Valve for precise flame setting
    • Combined suspension hook and foot stand
    • Delivered without hose nipple

  • Heavy Duty Torch System For Waterproofing And Other Heat Works

    •Double valved handle mainly for larger burners
    •lncorporates one main valve and one economizer valve enabling a gas saving pilot Dame
    •Trigger for instant shiftïng between pilot and main flame and for pulsing the main flame ‘All metal parts made of high quality brass
    Ergonomically designed plastic composite handle ‘Delivered without hose nipple

  • Classic Torch System For Soldering And Jewellery Works

    • Single valved handle mainly for smaller burners
    • The spindle and valve are designed to give a very exact and quick flame setting
    • The spring loaded metal knob gives a precise and stable setting for the finest of flames
    • All metal parts made of high quality brass
    • Ergonomically designed plastic composite handle
    • Delivered without hose nipple

  • • Burner no. 2942: Burner neck tube provides broad powerful blow lamp flame for outdoor soldering
    • Burner no. 5: Burner neck tube these are commonly used for a longer and more powerful blow lamp flame. These are ideal for straightening and bending plates, pipes and bars, pre heating in welding and large brazing jobs etc.
    • Burner no. 6: Burner neck tube it offers a powerful flame with a large heating content, for piping and sheet metal work requiring a great deal of heat for drying molds, thawing jobs, asphalt work and for metal melting.
    • Hand torch: Hand torch regular torch that is made with bake lite. Handle with grip so it that can hold torch for long period without tiring or burning hands. Straight needle valve and brass knob to control the flame of the burner, suitable for long flame burner, specially for heating, melting, soldering purpose.